Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's play catch up...

You know, life got in the way of blogging. It happens! Spirit week was a huge success all the way around. Lillian had a great time. Last week ended with a Friday night and a Saturday morning basketball game. Mrs. Patton, Lillian's teacher, came to cheer the kids on. We didn't win, but the kids played great and Lillian had two assists. All in all, basketball has been lots of fun. We have one game to go.

Saturday was a really full day of fun. Lillian had basketball, ballet then we planned a celebration because she has stopped sucking her thumb. I know you loyal readers are shocked that I have not brought this up. She said she wanted to quit. We got some yucky tasting stuff to put on her thumb (thanks to Amy). And 21 days later she had kicked that to the curb. We told her we would celebrate after 21 days of success. She wanted Peter to take our family plus Susan and the boys to Macaroni Grill for dinner and dessert. She settled for renting a movie, having popcorn and cake. Susan and the boys came. They made a super cute cake. We all had fun and even did some sparklers before the party broke up. What I have learned from this experience and potty training Grayson is that kids quit or start things when they darn well please. I shouldn't get so worked up about it.

The grand finale of Saturday was dinner. Peter went out to run a couple of errands and we decided to surprise him with our own homemade restaurant. I was serving Italian, so Lillian set the table and made a sign that said, "Welcome to Macaroni Grill." Lillian has been making salads for me, lately. It really helps out and she enjoys it. The same night I asked her if she wanted some Parmesan for the salad. Grayson replied, "We are having Farmer John for dinner?" Too, funny. Peter was totally surprised by the fancy dinner and we had fun pretending to be at a restaurant.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Sadly, on Sunday I woke up with a migraine headache. I have started getting them in the last couple of years. They are horrible things. Mine have always lasted a day. Well, this one lasted for three days and I felt awful. There were times when I would hold my head and just cry. I was mentally begging God to make my head detach from my body. On day three, I called the doctor. He called in some kind of miracle headache drug for which I paid our retirement savings. It was gone in about 30 minutes. Wow! Who needs to retire? Susan called and invited the kids and I along with her gang to Fitz's for dinner. Kids eat free on Tuesday. So, I got out of cooking dinner and Peter had cancelled prayer group since I had been feeling so bad. After the miracle drug, a huge burger and a root beer I was feeling just about normal. Tonight, I think I am 100% again.

The kids are enjoying all of the Valentine's festivities. Grayson's class had a party, today. Lillian has hers tomorrow. Peter and I have been invited to some friends' for dinner on Friday. So, we are all celebrating. The kids have four days off for President's day and a teacher work day. I am looking forward to a little down time with them. The weather has been nicer, so we have been outside some and to the playground. I feel like I might just make it to spring. So, that is the skinny here.

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Leslie said...

Seriously, I will pitch in some of my retirement to make sure you never have 3 days like that again! I'm so sorry - and so glad you feel better!