Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simple Pleasures

When I was a kid, I used to love to fall asleep in the car. I still do. I would fall asleep on the bus riding home from school. One day, I slept through my stop and the bus driver had to take me back. In a small town this was a relatively small deal. I still like to sleep in the car when Peter is driving on a road trip. I love how you are all warm and your head kind of vibrates on the window as you sleep. Grayson seems to share this love of sleeping in the car. I think he tries to fall asleep on a car ride even a short one. He will sometimes ask me to keep driving so he can go to sleep. Today, he was trying to go to sleep. I thought he actually was asleep, but I realized that he might also just like being carried in to the house by mama and tucked in bed. I really love carrying him in with his head on my shoulder. I remember my mom and dad carrying me in from the car when I was a kid and sleepy. It always felt so safe and loving. I loved it as a kid. I had know idea how much my parents loved it, too.

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