Saturday, February 14, 2009

Martha Stewart on Crack and other Holiday Madness

If I am feeling like I have things all together and that I am going to do an adorable craft with the kiddos, sirens should be going off in my head that say, "Warning: Danger, Abort this mission". Despite numerous experiences to point out my not Martha Stewartness, I decided to make Valentine's cookies from scratch to decorate with said kiddos. Lillian has asked me two hundred times since I made the test batch to see if they would even come out of the cookie cutters, when are going to decorate the cookies? I had visions of this sweet little "party" where we talked about how we loved each other and made cute pink cookies with sprinkles. Not so my friend.

My Valentine's day started at 7:15 a.m. when cute counselor husband kisses me and says, "You might want to get up. The kids are decorating cookies in the kitchen." My response, "What?!!!!!!!!!!! You tell them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" His, "Melanie, please do not start your day angry." Are you kidding me Mr. Sunshine? So, the kids were blue and the counter with sprinkles EVERYWHERE! They decided to put blue food coloring in the icing. And sprinkles. By 9:00 a.m., I have already cleaned the kitchen and soaked my kids in the bathtub. I considered making or buying new icing. But honestly if I want perfect cookies, I should just buy a magazine and look at them. They will not be coming from my house.

I don't think I will ever have a magazine of my own telling others how to keep a fabulous house making adorable things with stain free kids. Mine would seriously be titled Martha Stewart on Crack where I detail three not so easy steps to freakish cookies that no one will eat or that will stain your mouth blue for two weeks. Followed by a huge mess in the kitchen which you beg your husband to assist you in cleaning and then just throwing away the kid's outfits because you have no clue how to get the stains out.

I have a feeling that in a couple of hours when I brave the cookie decorating, it will be fun and they will be yummy. And hopefully my kids will feel loved. That is the point, right? Not cute cookies. Pictures to come, if I can handle that.


Genna said...

I'd buy your magazine. Your blog makes me feel more normal :) We didn't even attempt cookies. I did make rice pudding this morning, but only because I promised to make it last night and couldn't get to it before we all fell asleep. Oh well. We went out for breakfast for Valentine's day.

Lora said...

OK-WHAT is it about your family and "BLUE" cookies & cake? It is not how beautiful they are-it is the experience together! Take a Chill Pill-or have a glass of wine and proceed!