Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you?

This is for G...

I am sure there will come a time, when someone (perhaps your kiddo) will ask you where you were when the 1st African American became President. I think Lillian will remember this event being six and all. You are a wee three and may not remember. Know matter what you or others think of this event, it is history in the making. And we watched on the floor of my bedroom. We watched on the portable dvd player that is about six inches by four inches. We did this because you knocked our very old TV over a few weeks ago and it know longer works. It's okay we don't need to watch much TV.

So, we were sprawled out on our bellies eating granola bars and watching O'Bama become President. You had two granola bars and a container of applesauce. You thought Aretha Franklin's hat was funny and that O'Bama's speech was a little long. But you watched it and we talked about it.

It will be very interesting to see how the world has changed when you have a three year old of your own. You also colored on the wall and told me it was an accident, today. Interesting accident.

Love you G,


Sara D. said...

Love it!

sbh said...

would it be okay if i posted some of the pictures of your vow renewal on my blog before i give you the disk? the only reason i'm asking this is because i've finally gotten organized, but i'm out of town. i won't be able to get the disk to you until monday the 26th, but i thought you might want to see a few? let me know. you can just leave a note on my blog, if you want. or do you text? i'm a big texter....