Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lillian and Super Grayson

Lillian has had a little trouble with a first grader picking on her at school and saying mean things to her. We were discussing as a family how she could handle this situation. I may talk to her teacher about it, but Grayson quickly came to her aide.

Grayson: Lillian, I will defend you with my power. I have power in my bones and in my blood.

Awesome! I suggested she show off some karate moves. Other suggestions were to ignore it or kill him with kindness. Thankfully, Grayson does not have playground time at the same time as Lillian or he would probably get himself in some trouble. He totally wants to defend her with his power. We had a great laugh, but I am glad they are sticking up for each other. I remember my "little" sister defending me from some bullies on the playground. She said something tough and we said we were going to tell the principal. We ended up getting in a little trouble ourselves for leaving the playground and walking to the principal's office. It always sticks out in my mind as a time when I realized that we were on the same team in life and would fight things together. This is just the beginning of that for my guys.

Grayson also said that he has bigger muscles, therefore, he has more power. He said he would shoot his power at the kid in chapel on Friday morning. Nice!


Jenn said...

HA! Can he protect me with his power too? Y'know the power in his bones and his blood!

Perret Party of Four said...

Kyle and I are having a good laugh at this. Hilarious.