Saturday, January 03, 2009


Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. We decided to have a party and renew our vows. Many more pictures and much more info to come. Here are a few pics Starr took. Look how cute Peter is in the photos. He surprised me by wearing a tux. We made our own wedding cake with phone assistance from Tirzah. Thank you Tirzah! It was very Vegas! Again, I had a friend photograph the event, so there will be many more photos. It was really beautiful and fun! Grayson gave me away and Lillian was the flower girl. They are the biggest blessings.


Lora said...

SO SWEET & You still fit into your wedding dress-YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Aren't you sorry you didn't have a smurf cake your 1st time around?

Andi said...

this was such a great ceremony. congrats on 10 years. love you guys.

AandAMaynor said...

Happy Anniversary! Doesnt seem like its been ten years!
-Brother Andy