Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is it over?

A couple of days ago, I looked at Peter and said, "Have you changed Grayson's pull-up lately?" He replied, "Not in a couple of days." "Me either." Is he potty trained?

We were in bed reading about 9:30 pm the other night and Grayson walks out of his room where he had been sleeping and into the dark bathroom. I jumped up to check on him. "Are you okay?' "I'm just peeing." And he was back to bed. Weird!

Anyway, he has been in undies for several days without an issue. If this keeps up through the weekend, I will be checking potty training off the list. It has been there since February of 2008.
All I can say is slow and steady wins the race. And heck it's not like he is in high school or anything.

I did ask Grayson about this issue this morning. Very casually, of course.

M- Hey G, do you just go in the potty now or what? (The or what part keeps it casual.)

G-No, sometimes I still poop in my undies because I like it.

We will see what happens...


amy said...

I'm still laughing!

Lora said...

BECAUSE I LIKE IT-OKAY MRS MSW explain that to me!!!