Saturday, December 06, 2008


About six weeks ago, a sign up sheet for basketball came home in Lillian's backpack. There would be a girls team and a boys team for kindergarten. She was dying to play, so we signed up. I am truly not sure if she had ever seen someone play basketball at that point. None the less, she HAD to play. She signed up and then I received a call from the P.E. coach saying that Lillian was the only girl that signed up. She could be on the boys team if she wanted. Well, we tried to make the best out of the situation and signed her up for a ballet class to soften the blow of not playing basketball. Well, on the way to school the last day of basketball sign up she cried and said she just had to play basketball or her life would be over. Seriously, it was at least this dramatic. I called the counselor husband at work. He replied, "In an effort to not crush her spirit, let her play." Well, counselor husband works late on Thursday night when she has basketball practice. The first practice ended in tears. The second had tears in the middle, but she recovered barely. The third practice, the extremely patient and loving coach complimented her footwork and she was on cloud nine. We have decided that a pump up song really helps on the way to practice. It gets you fired up. Hers is the Eye of the Tiger. My dad is a huge LSU fan and this song has a family history of being the pump up song. I actually run to it. It works.

If you know Lillian, you know that she is tiny. She doesn't have a lot of arm strength. I'll be surprised if she ever get a ball to go over her head when she tries to shoot. The coach keeps telling me I'll be surprised at her progress. Honestly, I am just glad it is starting to be fun and she is improving. I love basketball, so I hope it becomes her sport. You know Lillian and it is all about to outfit. She had to have the sweatband headband to play. Sadly, she has a boy uniform. I am about to try to make that super cute. I'm think pink t-shirt underneath. Lillian is making lots of new friends and she really does have good foot work. Her job is to throw the ball in and she is really good at that, too. So, we are off to the first game. We'll let you know how it goes.


Lora said...

Love hearing Lillian tales!

amy said...

you go Lillian!!! can't wait to hear about it!