Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Abby

My friend Genna mentioned that her daughter, Abby, really likes it when I post pictures. Apparently, they have been lacking lately. So, for Abby. Here are some pictures of my silly kiddos. Some are from Lillian's Thanksgiving play. She was a pilgram. The day before the play she realized that she was a pilgram and not a Native American. And I quote,"Mom, How could Mrs. Patton make me a pilgram? Doesn't she know I am in love with Native Americans?" I think she may be a future social worker. The top photo is of Grayson performing the song Lillian's class sang called Tommy Turkey. It ends with them shaking their tail feathers. He is demoing it, of course. So, we are headed South to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. I usually host this holiday, but I found that I was pretty happy just making the sweet potato casserole. We are all pumped for a few days away. Happy Thanksgiving!

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