Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why on Earth???

Lillian was invited to a girl from school's birthday party, yesterday. As if a swim party was not great enough, a lot of school friends were there. It was a fun little reunion for the kids. Many had not seen each other all summer. I was equally happy to chat with some of the moms. So, I am chatting with the mom's and sunning by the pool, when Lillian swims up and asks if she can jump off the high diving board. My response: "Why on Earth would you want to do that?" The counselor mom sitting next to me starts laughing which causing me to realize perhaps this was the wrong response. I guess it wasn't very confidence building. We headed over to the high dive with a few other brave kiddos. Lillian walked up and just jumped off without much of a pause.

Last summer, at our pool the kids wanted me to jump off the high dive. I went up and felt absolutely terrified. I only jumped to not look like a total wimp in front of my own children. I will not make the mistake of going up there again. So, she did the high dive several times then wanted to move on to the platform which is even higher. I was totally feeling freaked out. I would never, ever do that. Her friend jumped then Lillian walked to the end and got too scared. She had to come back down. She was super upset. I told her she had been very brave and that I would not have even gone up the ladder. She smiled and said she would do it after she ate cake. Thankfully for my heart, it stormed and there was no pool time post cake. The high dive was all I could take. I feel like my Lillian is exploding with growth this year. She is now tying her shoes like a pro and planning her sixth birthday party. How can she already be six? I am a little sad that she is really not a baby anymore, but it is kind of nice not to tie her shoes.

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Lora said...

It is quite an accomplishment that your daughter is growing up without your fears. Most of us pass our fears on to our kids without realizing what we are doing. To act calm and encourage their bravery is a REALLY COOL THING! I love fearless kids! It is hard to be saddled with lots of phobias!