Monday, May 12, 2008

Ode to Michael Gordon

Our pastor, Michael, is moving to sunny Savannah tomorrow along with his delightful family. It seems really hard to loose our pastor, but more than that our friend. Micheal has been our friend for ten years. He is one of the very few people from St. Louis who came to our wedding. He knew us before we were married and has been a fixture of friendship in our St. Louis life.

I have so many Michael memories that I could never recount them. He is always ready to laugh and have a good time, but just as quick to hear your heart. That is what is great about him. He loves life and he loves people. I have always thought that if something bad happened to us, I would call Michael. He has one of a very few St. Louis numbers I have memorized. I'll still have to call him because I don't know anyone else's number. He is the kind of guy who always shows up for a happy or sad occassion. So many of my memories of good and bad times have Michael's face in the crowd.

Peter and I are 100% convinced that it is time for Michael and Chris to go to Savannah. We know that our friendship will remain because we love them all so much. We aren't worried about that, but we are going to miss his face and his laugh in the crowd. Michael is collectively one of our very favorite people and we are so very thankful that God put him in our path. He has shaped us in so many ways.

We love you Michael. Enjoy the sweet tea and sunny weather!

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