Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have had a flurry of people signing up, today for the Race for the Cure. Keep it coming. At last count, I am at 40. Awesome! I just had an e-mail that someone couldn't donate, but wanted to join my team as a prayer partner. What a wonderful idea! If you want to join, but can't afford it please make a comment and I will count you in our number to reach 60. I have felt very, deeply loved that so many of you have signed up and have sent wonderful comments. Thank you so much.

I'll leave you with a little chatter from the G man.
G-Mama, will you take off my shoes?
M-I would love to, Grayson.
G- No, you mean you would be happy to.

M-Grayson, you are one of my favorite people.
G-No, I just a little kid. I mean a big kid.

M- We should all pick names for the chicks and we can each name one. Grayson, what do you want to name your chick?

(He is very focused on bodily functions and parts these days. I did veto penus as a chicken name. They will all be girls after all. He then suggested naming his Grayson. We will see how it falls out.)


2WeeMonsters said...

Daniel would have suggested "poop"! Is this fallout from potty training or just little boys at this age?

I just signed up for your team :)

Anonymous said...

Just signed up for your team! Way to go, Mel!

dyount said...

EVERYTHING is still about penis',butts, or crotches in my house with the youngest. Usually that combined with the word fire for some reason.