Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mark my words...

I don't think it is wise to ever say mark my words, but mark my words. I bought my last box of diapers, today. Grayson has eighty opportunities to poop/pee in something other than the toilet and then this party is OVER! By saying this I am sure that I will be destined to have an eight year old who still wears diapers. I am, however, going to give it a good faith effort to potty train that boy by the time he is three. There are sooo many things that I am sad about as G quickly approaches three. He seems very boy and not baby. Thankfully, he still snuggles. I asked Peter the other day if kids still wear feetie pajamas after they are potty trained. He wasn't sure, maybe not. So sad. I love those things. Alas, the changing of diapers is NOT something I am going to cry about ending. I have been changing them for five years, buying them, thinking about them, making sure I have them. I am about to make myself a little purse that does not hold diapers or sippy cups. So, now to think about what I will do with that extra money saved from not purchasing diapers. Well, next month I will use it to celebrate. (I hope!)

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