Saturday, November 24, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had a fun Thanksgiving with friends from church. We didn't eat until 4p.m. which proved to make for a fun filled day of cooking and hanging out with friends. All went well and we will be eating turkey for many more days. The night before Thanksgiving, the kids and I went to John and Andrea's for pie nite. This is about the best party ever. Everyone brings pie and you just eat pie with a few snacks for dinner. It was like a pie sampling. Oh so fun and yummy! I will definitely be kind to them this year to ensure another invite to such a wonderful event.

Friday morning we woke up to our second very cold morning in a row. We bundled up(Peter put on his normal 25 winter layers.) and headed to Lebannon, IL to cut down our Christmas tree. We rode in the truck and listened to Christmas music. We even saw a dusting of snow on the houses in Illinois. It was a fun trip! Lebannon is a cute little town that reminded me of St. Franicisville, LA (a town about five minutes from my dad's house). The Christmas tree farm was not the best, but the kids had hot chocolate and rode in a wagon out to the tree fields. We picked a skinny tree for our living room and were pleased with the way it fit upon arriving home. We trekked back to St. Louis for our second Thanksgiving of leftovers. Why are they always better?

For years, I have had a color coordinated "royal" tree with purple and gold and christmon (sp?) symbols. I was a little sad to make the switch to family tree. We ended up having plenty of ornaments from the kids and such to fill the tree. The best thing about this year was that Lillian helped me decorate it. I am glad to have someone as in to decorating the tree as me. We had a couple of minor altercations about placement. Peter suggested that we both wanted to be in charge. (Shocker!) All in all, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at the Maynor house and we love Christmas!

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