Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold News

We don't have much to report here. The kids are both sick with colds and Lillian has a fever. I don't enjoy them being sick, but the extra snuggle time is wonderful. The stopped up noses make for very cute sounding wordage from them.
Grayson: Mama, my sick. My watch a moooooovie.
In a way, it is nice to have to stay home for a few days and not jump up to get somewhere. I worked, today, but plan a lazy day in my pajamas with them tomorrow.

I have been spending most of my free time sewing. I just finished my first quilt. It is a Christmas present for Lillian. See photos of the process on my flickr pics. I have made several bags and just finished a purse. I am really enjoying the creative outlet. I have just started to turn out things that I am mostly pleased with in the end. I keep asking Peter if he wants a man bag for Christmas. I suggested camo. He doesn't. I guess I'll have to learn to make boxers or something. Those seem hard. Well, I am worn out and am headed to my flannel sheets and electric blanket. They are two of the few things I like about cold weather.


Andi said...

that cold is the worst. jack has been coughing away for at least 5 minutes in the other room.

you should wear a face mask so you don't get it too like i have!

sorry your kids are sick. at least you're enjoying the cuddling!

Squishy Burrito said...

If you can make that awesome blanket, you can make boxers. They one of the easiest clothes to make. Cardinals boxers would make a great christmas stocking. :)

Christine Gordon said...

I love Lillian's quilt. It's really pretty...

mhm said...

I got an email today that when a child is coughing, put Vicks on the bottom of their feet and cuddle