Monday, October 22, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

In my five plus years of being a mom, I have learned to expect the unexpected. At least Lillian, will do something you never saw coming. Never even thought was a possibility. Example, the eating of the blue ice in the freezer a year or so ago. As a social worker, I have also learned to expect the unexpected and I have nearly perfected the art of keeping my face straight no matter what happens. I believe this is a great skill I have learned as a social worker. It comes in handy as a mom, too.

Lillian has made friends with a little boy named Chase in her class at school. He is very sweet and about as chatty as she is. His mom called a week or so ago to plan a time for us to meet at the playground on Friday and thus began the Chase saga. On Tuesday, I put Lillian down for bed and shortly after she called me in very distressed.

"Mama, I did something bad, today. I don't want you to be mad or frustrated with me. Okay?"

"Okay Lillian, but we may have to talk about whatever you did."

"Mama, Do you remember how much Chase liked the gourds when we went apple picking and how he wanted one? Well, I snuck the gourd you bought me on Saturday into my backpack and gave it to Chase. Are you mad?"

"Of course not Lillian, I want you to be generous and giving to your friends. Just ask me next time and I will probably say yes."

On Wednesday, I picked Lillian up from school and I always ask how school went...

"Mama, You know I don't like to talk about school. It was fine, but I did something really bad"

Of course, my heart sank and I took a moment then asked.

"Do you want to talk about what you did?"

"Well, I punched Chase in the stomach!"

I did not expect my daughter to tell me that she punched a boy in the stomach. Talked during class, called a boy a name, those kinds of sins I expect. They are her struggles. I was a little cracked up that she punched someone, but I kept my face straight.

"Lillian, why did you punch Chase. He is one of your best friends and you know we don't hit people."

"Well, Chase said he was going to punch me, so I hit him first."

Clearly, this was a case of self defense. Upon talking to Chase's mom on Thursday night to prepare for the playdate, I asked about Chase and Lillian. She replied, "Oh, you mean the incident." My heart sank again. Well, apparently she talked to the teacher who had worked it out with the kids and everyone was fine. The teacher handled it wonderfully.

On Friday, Chase and Lillian were best buds again and had a blast at the playground. I had a blast with his mom and G had a blast with Chase's little sister. All is well that ends well. And again, I was reminded to expect the unexpected. I expect G to hit people, but not Lillian. I also expected G to play cars and never wear high heels, but that is another story for another day. I have found motherhood to be much like being a social worker. You have no idea when you wake up how the day will go, but it is never dull.

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Andi said...

if G starts wearing high heels, call me. you can be in my support group...

i kind of love that lillian punched a boy in the stomach.