Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boxers or Briefs

I found myself wondering if Grayson was the kind of guy who would wear boxers or briefs on Sunday at target. I decided on the cool car briefs and the boxer briefs mainly because they were cute. I also found myself a little weirded out to be buying my son underwear because in my heart he is still a baby and I don't often buy men's underwear. When I potty trained Lillian, I was super pregnant with G and had a super small bladder. The combination worked well.

So, we are working on potty training with Grayson. We had three successful peeing events on Monday. If you have not potty trained someone, you have no idea how exciting movements of any kind can be. We didn't have any success, yesterday, but Peter and G were on the go a lot. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom on Monday in anticipation of being in there a lot for the next little while. If you are looking for me or G, we are probably in the bathroom reading books and waiting for some sort of movement.

After peeing for the third time on Monday, G said....

"Mys so excited, mama!"


Tirzah said...

Yeah I am so excited too! Jacks a breifs guy by the way.

cagedwisdom said...

there is a third option that none of you are considering that doesn't cost a thing.