Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just Do It

All things at our house seem to be revolving around the Thro wedding... Our friend's daughter is getting married this weekend. We are helping get ready. Lillian is the flower girl and I am on the food committee. Peter is helping with the set up in the back yard for the reception. G and I stopped at the store for some things for the fig and walnut tapanade I am making for the reception. He had to have the car cart, of course. These are difficult to drive (See past blogs.) Well, they are also difficult to put in the cart return I discovered. I kept trying and it apparantly, needs to be lined up perfectly. I kept trying and saying "I can't do it". G was cheering me on and when I finally got it in he responded with "You do it, mama. You do IT!!!" One of the kickbacks of the kid gig is personal cheerleaders. Frankly, we all need them and I felt about like G when I got that cart in the cart return.

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Tirzah said...

I know I love the cheerleading. I got a You did it mom after my short run the other day. So nice.