Monday, September 10, 2007

Instant Replay

Who among you does not love instant replay? I went out with some girls the other night and they were discussing their "shows". You may ask... Melanie, what are your shows. Well, baseball, football, untimate fighting champions, golf, and the occasional HGTV. Is is clear who usually has the remote? What do these have in common? Instant replay. I am very familiar with this feature. Well, of late, our house is like a sporting event. Everything that Lillian says is repeated by the G-man. He is like Lillian's little parrot. This is cute, however, Lillian talks a lot and double time is sometimes too much. Unlike television, there is no mute button. The good part is that if you tune out, it is coming around again.

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Andi said...

i love this post. it made me smile a whole lot.