Monday, August 20, 2007


There are lots of questions flying around at our house. G's response to everything is "why". On the way home from the Magic House, Lillian asked..

Now mama, Is fire or volcano lava hotter?

Sometimes, I feel like most of my education was pointless. I usually don't know the answer to her questions. I just say. "Good question".


Andi said...

you need to keep a record of all of lillian's questions to pass on to her kids...

mhm said...

When our boys were little and going through the "why" stage, we made up a song about it.
"Everything has a reason
Everything has a reason
And when our boys ask 'why why why?'
It's 'cause they want to know the reason."
I'll teach you the tune when we talk if you would like. :-)