Wednesday, August 22, 2007

JK stats

So here is the low down on JK according to Lillian....

Two snacks
Two recesses
Lunch/hot lunch on Wednesdays
Knox is apparently her favorite person and his mat is next to hers at rest time. She makes jokes to him and they cover their mouths with their hands and laugh. They haven't gotten caught.
You have to rest with your shoes on because it is school.
On the second day of school, they still had not learned to read.
She got to hold the guinea pig, Nibbles.
She can speak a little spanish after one time with the spanish teacher. She does, however, have thank you and yes mixed up.
She would like to go every day of the week.

I will be going to Back to School night this evening to see what else is going on in JK. She seems to age light years during her time at school. Grayson and I miss her terribly and he asked to go see her at school, today. There is nothing really baby about Lillian anymore. She is suddenly, at least to me, a little girl with her own little life. My grandpa said the other night that I would blink and she would be in college and I will be an old woman. I laughed, but deep down I know he is right.


Genna said...

you're freaking me out. I'm not ready for them to be in college (and I'm not ready to be an old woman).
Oh, and Abby has to wear her shoes at rest time too; she hates that because it makes her feet hot, she says. Resting is hard when your feet are hot.

Tirzah said...

I agree. Feet are very key for R&R.

Andi said...

i can't rest when my shoes are on & i'm way older than 4...and i think kmy days would be much better with 2 snacks & 2 recesses.

Tirzah said...

I still remember my favorite towel/blanket and who I got to nap by.

Christine Gordon said...

Two snacks, 2 recesses, and nap. Why did we ever change this?