Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Growing Wings

Ahh, summer. It has been so fun and busy. Hence, the lack of blogging. Some may say that it is getting too hot. I love these really hot days. The pool is at it's peak. The water looks so crisp and clear in the bright sun. It is easy to swim for hours and sleep good at night. The kids and I have hit the pool for several hours a couple of days this week. It seems the pool pass is paying off and suddenly they are doing all kinds of stuff.

Grayson has a full body spiderman floatie suit. I promise to take a picture. He looks so cool and he thinks he is cool in it. He thinks the floaties are muscles. People always call him "Spidie". Well, G is jumping off the side of the pool without holding my hands and swimming around with much more confidence. Lillian is a rock star swimmer with or without her floatie suit. She did the lazy river several times all by herself, today. She swims with her face in the water and kicks. She loves wearing her goggles and searching for ponies that she has thrown in the pool.

We spent about three hours at the pool, today. Suddenly, Lillian was dead set on jumping off the diving board in the big pool. We asked the lifeguard and he agreed for her to try. She went up and I was in the water with Grayson. She didn't do it, but it will no doubt happen this summer. Hopefully, Peter will be there. Lillian has also taken to asking for the correct change then standing in line at the snack bar to order mozzerella sticks (our favorite-I know they are horrible for you, but have you had them lately? Good stuff) or m&ms. She swims around and then waves at me from across the pool. I look at her across the pool and think that is my Lillian and this is the beginning of launching her. I thought it would be this sad, dramatic day of leaving her at her college dorm. I am realizing. It will be more like a lot of little sad/happy/wonderful moments where she does more than I or she thinks she can do. She will look at me and smile, perhaps wave. And she will start doing life without me or apart from me. That's the plan and it is good. It is really exciting to see the budding wings. That's my girl who is about to jump off the diving board. I couldn't be prouder.

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Tirzah said...

It6hink the big deal about the college drop off is that is a big milestone but also that it is one of the last big ventures we get to be a part of.