Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three strikes and you're out

Why do I not just put the coffee maker next to my bed? I got up in the seven o'clock hour, got my morning vitamins, meds, etc and set them next to the bed. The kids were in the living room and I decided to make my bed real quick. Apparently, that was my error. Grayson ran down the hall and grabbed an Aleve from the bed side table. I was on the other side of the bed and tried to pull it out of his mouth, when I got to him. He bit me and that was the last I saw of the little blue pill. For the third time, I called poison control. God has been gracious in caring for my children even when I do stupid things. I was relaying this to my neighbor and asked how many times she had called poison control. "None" It made me wonder if the poison control people keep a list. Is someone going to come after me? I found myself trying to make it better and actually said, "They are really nice." She agreed that surely they are.

Thankfully, I discovered that Grayson could have had up to six Aleve before having a real problem. The lady said it could make him sleepy. When she called me for the one hour post poisoning check-in, we were in Wal-mart and he was clearly not sleepy. He refused to ride in the cart and was running around with his sister like a wild man. At that point, I started to miss that Aleve he swallowed.

Lillian: 2 poisonings
Grayson : 1 poisonings

The way I see it, I should get three strikes per kid. If you knock on my door tomorrow and I don't answer, don't be surprised.


Squishy Burrito said...

Do you think poison control would be nice to me too if I said I knew you?

Anonymous said...

I think we're winning, Mel. Elliot is MUCH younger than Lillian and we've already called twice. Ha.