Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little one

The weather in St. Louis can't decide if it is spring or winter and the day seemed to go back and forth. We spent most of the day home cleaning and working on the kitchen. Both were severely needed. The kids played a lot and ran around. Lillian and Grayson really play well together most of the time.

This morning, Lillian asked me to hang blankets from her top bunk to make the bottom bunk a tent. The kids played all morning in the "tent". While I was taking a shower they came in to tell me about what they were doing. I don't think I have taken a shower all alone in at least a year. I always have someone talking to me. Grayson was dressed in his cowboy hat and black rubber boots. (His choice.) Lillian said he was her "little one". She said he was a 10 year old cowboy and she was the mama. She called him Grace all morning. She said it was his "little one name". I am pretty sure Grayson hated it, but she "read" him books and he complied with her bossing him around most of the morning.

Grayson has two new things. He is eating like a man. Yesterday, he ate more for dinner than me. Today, he had a huge snack and thirty minutes later scarfed down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. His other new thing is to say "NO". Peter asked him if he was ready to get out of the bathtub to which he replied, "NO" several different times.

I have a feeling the "little one" is going to out grow the older one soon. I am interested to see how long he complies with her being in charge. At this point, she is weighing in at 36 pounds and he at 28.5 pounds. He is two and a half years younger.

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Tirzah said...

Yesterday was tent day here too. I needed to clean the living room so the dining room table puls the pack and play on its side with quilts and blankets all over the top made quite a distraction. I think Rob is bigger than Jack was at his age too. Or maybe we know how fast they grow now.