Monday, February 26, 2007

Writer's block

Recently, my grandfather wrote his life story and had it published. It was wonderful to read about his life and learn more about him. During one of my latest calls to my grandparents, my grandfather encouraged (or just flat out told me) to blog more. He suggested I had been relying on pictures rather than writing. Well, I laughed and since then I have had writer's block. A hundred million things happen in a day some funny, some sad, some profound, many noteworthy to a mother. And yet nothing appears on the blog. I have decided that just saying it will hopefully help the brain block and just maybe great words will flow soon.

I will leave you with a couple of tidbits from today.

Grayson has started to chatter more. His new favorite thing is to say "Atch, atch!" (Watch, Watch!) He will then do a small (very small) performance like fall on the floor or take a bite of food. The funny part is that he will do it over and over again while he say eats a bowl or yogurt or he'll just fall on the floor a bunch of times.

Lillian relayed to me a conversation with one of her friends from school. "Mom, Dash's mom has them all take off their shoes after she cleans the floor to keep the floor clean. Do you think that might be a good idea to keep our floor a little more clean?"

I thought to myself that maybe that was a good idea, but I would, of course, have to clean the floor first. I am considering having her find out other cleaning tips from Dash and her other friends. (FYI: Dash's real name was not used to protect the innocent, however, this kid has started changing his own real name each week at school. A couple of weeks ago, he was Brian. Last week was Dash. I don't know what he is this week.)

Well, for what it is worth, I wrote something. I didn't post a picture. If you were hoping for that, take it up with my PapPa.

P.S. PapPa, I love you!

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Andi said...

you know you're in trouble when lillian is giving you cleaing tips!