Wednesday, November 01, 2006

She is good

As I crawled into my beloved bed with flannel sheets last night, I said to Peter. "We have found the best hiding place for the candy. I mean she will never find it at the top of your closet. I might hide everything there, then she can't get to it in the morning either." Fast forward to nap time today. I was putting Grayson down and Lillian was playing a little bit before her rest. As I came out, she said, "Mama, I am ready for my nap." The phone rang and I answered. I hung up because she was ready to be tucked in. (What a sweet girl asking to rest and be tucked in.) I don't know why that wasn't a sign that things were clearly wrong. She was quiet in her room and I thought I might let her get up early to help me bake something. She called and I went in and sat on the bed. I distinctly smelled chocolate.
M: Lillian, did you eat cookies or chocolate or something.
L: No
M: I know I smell something. Tell me what you ate.
L: I am I going to get in trouble?
M: Tell me now, please. (I am starting to scan the ever messy room and I see a pile, yes pile of wrappers.) Lillian where did you get that candy? Did you just eat all of that candy? You are going to be sick.
L: I am I going to get in trouble?
M: Yes! Does your stomach hurt? Where did you get that candy?
L: Out of daddy closet.
M: Are you serious?
L: Mama, I am going to have to go to the hospital because I ate so much candy.
M: (I know it was wrong, but I responded) Maybe. Well, no, but it is not good to eat all that candy.
L: Mama, I think I better brush my teeth right now. I think I might also need some water.

Pride always comes before a fall. I am pretty sure that God's purpose for my children is to humble me.

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