Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

We had a nice Halloween. We got to hang out as a family and hit the mother thrift store. The kids racked up on fun clothes. Grayson got some rockin' pants. We did the trick or treat thing for about two blocks. They got more candy than they have had all year. Grayson seemed to think it was amazing that people kept handing him food or candy. He didn't seem shy at all about making sure he got his share. Like all Maynor cousins before him, Grayson was a bee. Oh so cute. Lillian wore her Beauty dress up dress and was frankly beautiful with her hair up in a bun. We went to a Harvest party at Susan's church last week and Grayson was a bee. Lillian wanted to dress kind of crazy, so we dressed her like Punky Brewster. She has know idea who that is and called herself Funky rooster. She actually made rooster noises. All in all, it is always fun to dress-up and they loved the candy. On that note, I think I may go help myself to some since they are fast asleep.

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