Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maynor Manor

We had to exchange the B and B for Maynor Manor. We have been watching the weather out of our window all day. Rain, Sleet, Ice, hopefully snow soon. None the less. We decided it would be best for our children not to leave them and be stranded somewhere for a couple of days. It was very tempting. Lillian is very excited about the weather and hoping/praying to make a "huge" snowman in the morning. No bed and breakfast is worth missing that. She was sad not to have her special time with friends and without mom and dad tonight. We put her tent up and they enjoyed playing in it this afternoon. She slept in her sleeping bag in the tent. Gray-gray didn't seem to notice that he didn't get to hang with cousins. He did pull over a barstool on himself this evening and busted his mouth open. His teeth seem to be in tack. It was questionable for a few minutes while blood gushed out. Peter has been hard at work on the backsplash. The backsplash is all in and he is putting the grout in tonight. It is super romantic. Anyway, it was a good day to be warm and with family. I stayed in my pjs until 2:00pm. I have been running up and down the stairs with my tenants and getting ready for the party. I hope we can keep from eating the food, if we are snowed in all day tomorrow. It is a winter wonderland outside of my window and the Louisiana girl in me still gets just as excited as Lillian about the possiblity of several inches of snow.

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