Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Eye to the sky

I watched the weather for the lst time in months, yesterday. Lillian and I discovered that it was going to get very cold later in the week. I am glad a decided to check because a 50 degree drop in temperature would catch even an experienced fly by the seat of your pants mom off guard. So it is in the seventies today and tomorrow 30 is the high. Hello Christmas! Just in time... Peter and I are going to a Bed and Breakfast tomorrow night. It is a log cabin with fire places which are much better with a fire. This was the gift we won/stole from the Watsons at the Crossroads Christmas party last year. So, the kids are being farmed out to two locations and we are off for 18 hours of peace and relaxation.

Lillian has her eye to the sky because she is dying for it to snow on Friday. It may snow a little. I am also hoping for lots of snow. We are having a Christmas party on Saturday night. Snow would be very appropriate. The party should be a big bash, so dress up and come hang with us. It starts at eight.

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ashli said...

checked out your pictures today and your kids are beautiful! :)