Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Toe update

Well, the toe got worse and not better today. She developed a fever this afternoon and had more pain. We called the doctor. We are now soaking and cleaning three times a day. She has also changed her to a new medication. Pray that she improves in the next twenty-four hours. Poor kid didn't feel so hot today. Her daddy got her Strawberry Shortcake bandaids that helped. She went to sleep at six tonight. Obviously, she is not feeling well. She went straight to sleep.


Genna said...

A message from Abby to Lillian:
I wish you could feel better because your toe is owie. When we pray tonight, we'll pray about your toe so it can feel better. I wish you were feeling better and I really want to have a play date with you. I'll call you to see if you're feeling better. It's really fun when you are happy. Love, abby

Linz said...

I'm so sorry that she isn't better.. you guys have had quite an eventful past few days! We'll be praying for her!