Wednesday, August 16, 2006


We are alive and well. We have been so busy that I haven't blogged much. We went to Lillian's open house for school this morning. Her new room is really cool and her teacher is wonderful. She is very excited to get started on Friday. Grayson seems to be trying to talk a bit more and loves playing with Lillian. She believes she taught him to say car yesterday.

The kitchen is moving along. We have all of our upper cabinets installed. We ended up purchasing a new fridge. It is installed and making ice. Yes! It is a side by side with an ice and water dispenser. So cool. The range is here and sitting in the kitchen. Hopefully, we can connect it soon. It feels like things are coming together. We hope to get the lower cabinets in this weekend and start on the concrete countertops next week. We will hopefully be close to finishing by September 1st or at least functional. The rest of the house remains a mess. Our camera is not working or I would post some pictures. Soon.

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