Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yes, the G-man still exists despite that lack of info on the guy. A funny tidbit from today... This morning I was feeding him yogurt, frankly because I thought it would be neater that him feeding himself. He didn't seem in to it and he had already eaten a whole banana, so I got him out of the highchair to let him play. Lillian called for me a few minutes later. "Mama, come see what Grayson is doing." He was standing on one of the dining room chairs feeding himself yogurt. I suppose the days of me feeding him are over and bath day is everyday. Rest assured, Grayson will not go hungry. He will eat one way or the other. He is really coming into his own and it is totally different from Lillian. Each one is so unique and wonderful in his/her own way. It is never dull and usually funny (at least in hind sight).

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tim hagen said...

hey guys. so good to hear from you! thanks for praying for us. cute kids.

tim and ginger