Thursday, June 08, 2006

I can not believe it!

This is Lillian's newest phrase. It is cracking us up hourly. If you are loyal readers, you will have guessed that we all got the stomach bug. I can not believe it! Four people puking in one house with no kitchen during the summer. I thought you were supposed to get sick in the winter. Well, we have paid our dues for the summer. I did have a moment, when (I was puking in front of three other people in the bathroom.) I considered making the kitchen a second bathroom. A private bath might be nice many a day, but especially during a stomach bug episode. We all seem to be on the mend, today. We have ordered our new kitchen cabinets and are moving along with the rehab. I plan to post pictures asap.


Christine Gordon said...

Hey. We're with you on the vomit. I was all day yesterday. Today is Michael's day. Poor Elliot is hanging in there. Not sick yet, but very neglected and sad. Aunt Leslie came and took him to the park today. Best part of the day. I'm sorry you were all sick together! it sucks! chris

A&A Maynor said...

What's with the youngest Maynor family and the stomach bugs this year? I'm sorry you guys and girls are sick. We are praying!