Friday, June 09, 2006

And again...

We had a resurgence of the puking from the short-knockers, today. It was unfortunate. I talked to the doctor's office. She assures me they will be on the mend soon. They called in some suppositories (sp ?) for the kids. Okay, seriously, you are a real mom after you do that a couple of times. Lillian said, "Mama, that thing you stuck in my 'boo-day' that dissolves didn't work." So...they are in bed and we prayed that everyone will feel better tomorrow so we can start enjoying the summer. On a side note, the cabinets are set to arrive between July 10th and 14th. We will be making a mad dash to get ready for them. We are hoping to be in the kitchen by Labor Day. I am telling myself Labor Day and secertly hoping much sooner. It is still fun. We are grilling tonight. Enjoy the weekend. Stay clear of us, as we have given this to some friends.

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