Sunday, May 07, 2006

A good ride...

Well, it has been a good ride with the volvo, but it went to the great volvo beyond (the junkyard?) this week. Our mechanic broke it to Peter over the phone. I was a little sad. It has been my favorite car to date. We are on a search for a new volvo wagon. I suppose it is the car of choice for soccer moms like me. (yeah, right!) It makes sense. It has a great turning radius which is VERY useful, when parallel parking daily. (Thank you PapPa for that skill.)

As many of you know, Brian left Peter his 1985 Mercedes Benz. It has become my daily driver until a new car is purchased. I really don't think I want to drive it forever, but I kind of like driving it for the short run. It is like being surrounded by Brian. Lillian still calls it Uncle Brian's car. It is classy, but not super fast or in a hurry. It smells like Brian and I think there are a few candy wrappers he left. The weirdest thing is the radio. If pushed, I would deny that the following is possible but.. I think Brian controls the radio or at least that his car has good radio carma (spelling intended-Brian would think that is funny). I hear the best tunes in that car. There is always a good 80's tune on, when I listen to the radio. And it makes me think of Brian. If there is ever a moment without a good tune, he left a lot of good 80's tapes as a back up. Man, I miss that guy.

I am really glad that after seven and a half years of marriage the untimely death of the volvo wagon was no big deal. We didn't expect to buy a new car this month, but, hey, it isn't the worst thing in the world. In years past, this would have rocked our world. I am reminded to hold loosely to the things of this world. We don't take them with us. Brian leaving us the Benz is a good reminder. It is like he is constantly saying, "Hey man, I don't need this anymore."


A&A Maynor said...

Hey Mel,
I know the feeling. Susan gave me one of Brian's wool coats. It smells like Brian too. It still has some pens, a grocery store receipt and an oil change sticker from the volvo in the inside pocket. I leave them there. The coat reminds me of Brian. Sometimes when I am really missing him I put it on and wear it, even if it is really hot. So, I know what you mean.
I miss that guy too.

PS sorry about the wagon. We will be praying for you a new car. We are looking for one too.

m. said...

Thanks, Mel, for your wise words so beautifully communicated. You know Brian's got the coolest car in Heaven, or whatever means of transportation is used...