Saturday, April 29, 2006


After a trip to Zachary to visit family and friends, Lillian asked.

L: Mama, What are all of these drawers that everyone has at their house.
M: Dishwashers, Lillian, Dishwashers

I know that it is hard to believe that anyone in this day does not have a dishwasher. For many years,( seven to be exact) I have been saying that I will know I have arrived when I get a dishwasher. Well, today is the day. Peter finally figured out my love language. He bought me a portable dishwasher today. We plan to use it during the upcoming kitchen rehab that will include a permanant dishwasher. Not only will have have a dishwasher, but one in the dining room. Peter plans to run 40 foot hoses to the basement to hook it up. This portable dishwasher is full sized. Therefore, it holds a lot of dishes. For years, Peter and I have shared a cup to save washing two. Today, I have encouraged all family members to use multiple cups, plates, etc. Oh ya, I have arrived.


Huna said...

I am very happy for you, indeed!

tirzah said...

seven years? I am at 61/2 without, maybe my day is coming. Congrats. I will come and listen to it with you.