Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lunch Lady Land

In an unfortunate turn of events, Grayson seems to have an opinion. He is refusing pureed baby food and wanting to feed himself. He has also stopped being totally silent and started occassionally screaming in a high pitched girl way. This would not be that big of a deal, if I did not know where this kind of behavior leads......Lillian. It all starts with high-pitched screaming. Here is a tidbit from lunch. Lillian declared herself the "Sneaky monster" in a deep voice. She said sneaky monsters only eat mountains a.k.a quesadillas. She discussed eating a couple of "stinky monsters" (me and Grayson). In an attempt to save our lives, we reminded her that we were not mountains. Apparently, sneaky monster was getting full or bored with the mountains and in an act of sneakiness threw a mountain (quesadilla) across the room. This afforded her an all expenses paid trip to a place I fondly refer to as Mount Time Out. Many have said your mother's view is clear from here. Sadly, sneaky monster left Mount Time Out to change into a beautiful summer dress and received a second all expenses paid trip to Mount Time Out. She stopped to check out the view on the second trip. Meanwhile, the little stinky monster was dropping his non-pureed food from the top of Mount High Chair. Do I need to say more about being disturbed?

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