Sunday, November 27, 2005

An original

Lillian didn't ever fall asleep during naptime today, but she played in her room for about two and a half hours. I was so pleased with the independent play. After it was over, I went in her room to get her and discovered that everything she owns was out in her room. She was pleased as punch with herself and having a blast.
L: Oh mama, look what I did. (smile)
(She drew a picture that is about two feet high and three feet wide with a purple marker on the wall. )
M: Lillian, you are not supposed to draw on the wall. Do you know why you aren't supposed to draw on the wall? (Hello, you can't get it off.)
L: Because it makes Jesus very sad and if I do it again you should spank me. (Key word: again)

I gave her a time out. The drawing was pretty good and I have always wanted a piece of original artwork for my walls. I suppose today was my lucky day.

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