Monday, November 14, 2005

A day in the life...

I just spent the last hour with Princess Lillian trying to stay safe from the "scary monster" (Grayson in his feetie pajamas) that was crawling after us. We found that the safest places were the high tower of the castle (on top of the sofa) or in the dark cave (under all of the sofa cushions). The monster was not tall enough to get us in the high tower or savy enough to find us in the cave. We screamed, "Help!!! Someone save us!" The monster only laughed. This was a pretty hip medival castle for it had a cell phone (small red telephone rattle). The fair princess made a distress call to Matt and Buh (our neighbors) for assistance. They screened us as usual, so we were left to fend for ourselves. After some time of this (literally an hour), the monster became agitated and showed signs of hunger. I, being the fierce warrior maiden that I am, threw caution to the wind and approached the scary monster. I then fed him in an effort to save Princess Lillian. This was a great act of courage because this very monster bit me so hard a few days ago that he drew blood. Thankfully, I survived this attack and was able to subdue the monster. Princess Lillian and I put him in a cage (his crib), so that we would all be safe for the night. Princess Lillian was soooo tired from defending her life she only lied about have to pee and poop twice and was fast asleep by 7:10 pm. This warrior maiden is hoping the King will arrive home soon to eat a whole chicken and drink something out of a goblet.

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