Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When I grow up....

Lillian likes to identify cars, jeeps, trucks, etc. Yesterday, I asked her what kind of car she wanted to drive when she grows up. She said without hesitation a red jeep.

Today, we were shopping in Sam's and she saw a staircase.
L: Mama, what is upstairs.
M: I don't know.
L: Can we go up there?
M: I think only the people that work at Sam's can go up there.
L: Mama, when my get bigger I think I gonna work at Sam's.

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Genna said...

Do you think taking her to the st. louis city museum has convinced her that there are exciting things at the top of most staircases? Slides or suspended wire tunnels to climb through as you look 5 stories down? Folks, Melanie and Lillian REALLY did go through just such a tunnel this summer!