Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad Parents

Our day started at 5:30 a. m. with Lillian yelling that she needed to go to the bathroom. Quick trip and back to bed. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy.
L: DADDY!!! My awake now.
P: (Ignores her)
M: (")
Peter is up telling her it is too early to get up. A few minutes go by with everyone in bed.
L: DADDY, I see the sunshine, now.
We are clearly hating life at this point.
P: I'll give you five bucks to get up with her and make coffee.
M: Do you have cash?
P: No
M: No way.
Peter starts to get up. Grayson wakes up, too. Probably due to the yelling. Now we are all up at 5:45/6:00 a. m.

On the way to school, Lillian says, "My tired. I think I'll just rest instead of going to school.
M: No way, you feel tired because you got up tooooo early.

While Lillian was at school, we decided we would pick her up and go apple picking about an hour away in Illinois. She will surely take a nap on the way. Well, with all of the getting out of the door we were 10/15 minutes late picking her up. We had to call. She was the last kid. It was embarrassing. No nap occured on the way to apple picking, but we had a great time. They have all kinds of activites: pig races, playground, miniture golf, goats, sheep, kettle corn, apple picking, etc. We had a great time. About 3 minutes into the car ride home, she was sound asleep. We got home and woke her up. She roused. I got her out of the car and stood her on the sidewalk to get the rest of the stuff out. She was talking to me, but apparently not awake. She fell straight back on the ground. Thankfully, she roused some before cracking her head on the sidewalk.

We had chili for dinner, ate apples and hung out. It was a wonderful evening. Fall is in the air here in St. Louis. When I look back, it would be easy to tell myself that we are bad parents. The truth is... I think we are just parents. I am seriously considering putting all of the cash I have next to the bed tonight, before I go to sleep. Mama needs to sleep in.


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m. said...

Hey Mel,
If you want to avoid getting these automated ad comments, go to settings--comments--and then say "yes" for word verification. Then the robots can't add a comment--only humans and really smart dogs.

I just had to do that for mine.