Thursday, August 11, 2005


Lillian just went to bed in less than five minutes. I am beside myself with joy! It is like the old days (before two weeks ago). I feel like celebrating, but Peter went camping until tomorrow night. I guess I'll have to celebrate alone. There were no tears. She said "goodnight mama" and went to sleep.

About one hour after the successful bedtime, our electricity went out. This has happened maybe three times since I moved to this house six years ago. Of course, Peter is out of town. I, frankly, am not real big on the dark myself and it is hot. Our phone is through the computer, so it doesn't work without electricity. The country girl in me pulled through and I located the matches and flashlight. I was just wondering what to do with myself and Lillian woke up. Her nightlight and white noise maker were off. She was pretty calm, but I had to lay in bed with her and the flash light for about 45 minutes until it came back on. Thankfully, it was only out for about an hour. Back to bed again. She came out of her room twice and then was out. Another success in five minutes or less. I am very pleased with this since we had a storm and our electricity went out tonight. Now, just 24 more hours until Pete gets home. I miss that guy already!

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