Thursday, August 11, 2005

The "car" cart

For a couple of months, I thought I could not go to the grocery store with both kids or do any shopping for that matter. I guess having two kids is my "new normal," so I go to the store with both of them sometimes. Before Grayson was born, Lillian would always request the "car" cart at the store. You've seen them. The grocery carts that have a huge plastic car on the front. I used to be able to get out of using those on occassion with just Lillian, but now they are a necessity. It is the only way I can fit both kids in a cart.

If you have never used one of these, they are massive. They are seriously longer than I am tall, which brings me to another problem with them. With Grayson's carseat on the top front, I can't see over the top of the cart. They are not easy to "drive" without two kids. No power steering. So picture it, I am pushing this massive thing, unable to see and without a doubt carrying on a conversation with Lillian. Not to mention, in fact, shopping. Who says I can't multitask?

Before Grayson was born and we were just using one for fun, we had an incident. Because they are difficult to "drive", I said to someone "Watch out." I said this quietly and calmly. Lillian then took her cue to yell "WATCH OUT" whenever we passed someone for the rest of the shopping trip. (I think her calling in life may be to humble me or at least humiliate me.)

The truth is I have had two more incidents in the last two weeks. In Target the other day, I took out a clothing rack. I mean it hit the floor. I know it was wrong, but I just "drove" away as fast as possible. In Schnucks (the grocery store), I almost took out a huge chip display. Lillian was yelling "WATCH OUT, MAMA!" I seriously don't know why that thing didn't fall, but I am glad it didn't. The funny thing about it all is that Lillian thinks she is the one that is a bad driver.

Those of you without kids should get one this week just for kicks or borrow a couple of kids and try it. It is a rush!

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Anonymous said...

oh my. that made me laugh out loud here at the in-laws. more than once.

thanks for that. we'll look into borrowing some kids to try the car carts.

miss you guys...buh