Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fashion Expert

Well, I have a little fashion expert on my hands. Tonight, I went out to dinner with some girls from my Bible study. I was getting ready tonight and I put on a red shirt. Lillian was hanging out with me.
M: What do you think about this shirt?
She was sitting on the potty, looked over and said, "No."
M: Really?
L: shakes her head
We go to my closet and look in at the shirts.
M: What about this black shirt?
L: No, mama (As if to say, you wear that all the time. Which is true.)
L: You should wear the blue one. (Now that we have settled that.) How about these shoes?
Truth be told. The blue shirt looked much better. I wanted the red shirt to look better, but it didn't. She picked out my polka dot flip flops for shoes. (her favorite) I do think her choice was better than mine. It is nice to have a fashion expert in residence. I think I could get used to this.

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