Monday, July 18, 2005

Old Friends and New Friends

We have had our "old" friends Matthew and Genna visiting. They have a daughter eight months older than Lillian, Abby. Peter and I had a blast hanging out with our old friends, but Lillian had more fun making a new friend. They played non-stop. "Dress-up girls, Go to sleep girls, etc" Lillian got a lesson on fashion from Abby and is now requesting her own set of flip-flops. It is alway great to be with friends.

Abby may be a very good compliment to Lillian because if you have met Lillian you know she is not quiet. Abby is very calm and quiet. She doesn't really like loud noises. I over heard a conversation that went a little like this.

L: ROAR!!! ROAR!!!
A: Can you please be quiet you are hurting my ears?
L: roar, roar

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