Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mango, Mango

Lillian and I made a smoothie this afternoon after her nap. This is our new addiction. We are fairly similar in our food choices. It was a mango/banana smoothie. We decided to make up a song to go along with the process. She always puts the ice in and pushes the ice crush button. Here is the song. Feel free to sing along.

Mango, Mango
Mango!!!, Mango!!!!

Second verse same as the first.

This goes on for about ten minutes. Then we sing the camp version which is to sing Mango, Mango like everyone we know. Here are some examples:

Scary Lion: Mango, Mango roar
Mango!!!, Mango!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hap: Mango, HeeHaw Mango (not kidding that is what she said)

Hunna: Mango, Mango while doing a dance that involved a butt wiggle and falling on the floor.

Buh (Beth): Mango, Mango while dancing gracefully in a ballerina fashion then falling to the floor.

Uncle Brian: Mango, Mango while breakdancing

Max: Mango Max, Mango Max in a very deep voice.

We are thinking about taking it on the road.

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m. said...

I'm afraid to think what she would do for the Aunt Susan rendition.