Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Sweet Day!

Had a sweet, sweet day yesterday.  It was a double date kind of day at our house.  The boys went to a Motocross event and I took Lillian to see HUGO.  Both dates were super fun!  Lillian and I laughed so much at dinner and being out.  We loved HUGO, but sadly the 3D movie left Lillian with an awful headache.  3D and regular glasses don't work well together.  She still gave the movie two thumbs up.

Friday had been a late night, so I told G to lay down with me for a bit Saturday afternoon.  He immediately fell asleep complete with snoring and drooling.  A sleeping boy on your chest is rare when your "baby" is almost 7.

Both left my heart so very full.


Andi said...

LOVE these sweet pics! (And, I think orange might be your color. You look amazing in it!)

peter said...

I agree. You look awesome in orange... and in red, blue, black, and tie-dye.