Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Day at School

Today was a big day for both kids at school.  Lillian's class (the 3rd grade) led chapel for the school.  They used their Rainforest Unit to talk about God's Mosaic.  They did a beautiful job of showing God's love of beauty in nature.  Lillian's job was to close chapel in prayer.  Sweet girl did a wonderful job.  Grayson's class has been studying the arctic for weeks.  G studied the Arctic Fox.  Today the first grade hosted a polar museum where each child talked about things he/she learned.  They had costumes, written speeches, books, and posters all created by the children.  They ended the presentation by singing All Creatures of our God and King with lyrics written about the arctic.  It was truly amazing!  It is such a treat to see what your children are learning and what they can do.  It is even more of a blessing to see how they are learning about the world thru a Christian worldview.  We are profoundly thankful that God has put us in this place at the time in our lives.

We picked the kids up at the end of the day and kicked off Spring Break.  We headed to the mall to do a little shopping for our upcoming camping trip and to just walk around on a rainy day.  G's birthday is a week away.  We also kicked off the week of celebrating G.  He talked his daddy into making his first Build a Bear.  He picked a dog, of course.  He was more than thrilled and it was more than clear that Peter is a sucker for his kids.  He is a wonderful daddy!

It was a great day for our family and I didn't even mention that Peter and I worked in lunch and a viewing of The Hunger Games in the afternoon.  Friday afternoon dates are our new favorite thing.  I'm feeling like my life is very full of sweet mercies.


amy said...

G's costume was Carsyn's favorite!

have fun camping!!!

Andi said...

Love that you got to use the Scooby costume again! That 1st pic of G is so, so sweet.