Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lillian is definitely getting a cell phone!

Lillian woke with a high fever in the night and was confused.  Poor kiddo had a fitful night.  I guess she has the flu.  High fever and achey.  Oh and almost silent.  This is the part the rest of us are having the hardest time bearing.  Her happy constant voice is the soundtrack of our house.  Grayson can be silly, but doesn't talk quite as much as Lillian.  She has spent the day sleeping or laying on the couch silently.  I tried to talk to her as we rested, but didn't get much out of her.  Peter called and I told him how very strange it was for her to be quiet.  He agreed.  I found myself thinking of her moving out one day and was very sad thinking of how quiet our lives will be without her one day.  I suppose with cell phones she will call us a ton each day and I found myself profoundly glad for them.

Grayson clearly was sad to go to school without Lillian.  He saved his fortune cookie from his hot lunch at school.  It was clearly a special treat at hot lunch, but he wrapped his up and brought it as a present for Lillian.  Oh, they each have such a sweet place in my heart.  Just last night I was praying that they would always be good friends.

It is rainy and cold so we are snuggled up in our new playroom on our guest beds listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe radio show.  Lillian was too sick to read or watch tv, but was more than pleased to listen to her favorite story.  I hate for her to be sick, but slowing down is always nice.

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Daddy said...

Grayson, I love that you saved your cookie for Lillian. You have a tender heart. You are a tough, strong, big boy, with with a sweet side. Love you, Dadday