Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Field Day!

Today was field day at the kid's school. The weather was awesome until the end of the day. The kids had a blast. Peter volunteered which was wonderful! The morning was spent doing races. Grayson was great. He always has a good time. He loved running with his friends. Lillian was scheduled to run the 800 which is a half mile. Are you kidding me? I didn't think she could even run that far. On the way to school, she said she wanted to win. I gave the "have a great time and do your best speech". I believe that speech, I run all the time and never come close to winning. Peter and I were so nervous for her. We told her to jog the first lap then run the second. She was second to last on the first lap then Peter told her to move to first on the second lap. She passed everyone then totally WON! Are you kidding me? The kid who doesn't play team sports won. She did and then Peter and I freaked out!!! It was awesome. I grabbed her and said, "You just kicked some butt!!!" She laughed, I don't talk like that to her. She wanted something and then she went and got it. It isn't about winning, but at the end of the day she said, "I felt like an athlete." Joy! She did something she didn't think she could do. Awesome! I didn't think she could either. It was fun to see her be more than she thought she could be!

Being more than she thought she could be has been Lillian's song this year. She entered second grade reading poorly and struggling and she ended on top in every way. Her first book report was on a 25 page book and her last was 150. She has counted the days to the end of school every year and on Monday she said she didn't want second grade to be over because it was so great. God has blessed her this year with a great teacher and she has blossomed. It has been great to see her have moments of respite from her struggles. We can't win everyday, but sometimes we do and today was her day and it was a delight. Lord, thanks for freeing Lillian from herself and her fears today. It was a delight to see her shine. Lillian's second grade will be forever a treasure in this mama's heart.

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amy said...

I am SO happy for sweet Lillian!!